Entrepreneurial Woman Project (EWP)



Empowering women and embracing business opportunities.

Agenda 2020

Take the opportunity to meet our team, a trainer and one of the winners from the previous edition. Get a better understanding of the project and learn how to become our next participant.

History and Mission

The Entrepreneurial Woman Project was established in 2014 by the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Ministry of Economy, the Polish Embassy in Luxembourg, and the Luxembourgish Embassy in Poland. The series of workshops is addressed to English speaking women of all nationalities. The training is focused on helping the participants understand the processes, challenges, risks as well as rewards of starting and successfully running their own venture in Luxembourg.

Over 100 creative and ambitious ladies apply to take part in the project each year. To provide the optimal learning experience the LPCC selects up to 30 participants for each edition.

3-7 new businesses are launched in Luxembourg each year as a direct or indirect result of the project.

The Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce aims at creating long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with young entrepreneurs, partners and professional advisers. Working with multiple supporters and experts in the area of business development and law, the LPCC provides the participants with the only English speaking project of its kind in Luxembourg. The entrepreneurial network is constantly expanding giving countless opportunities for business connections.

Areas of Study and Structure of Workshops

All of our business training sessions include presentations from experts in their fields, real life case study examples and work activities. During around 40 hours of workshops with ~12 professional trainers coming from different business and law sectors the participants learn how to:

  • Generate and assess business ideas
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills required in entrepreneurial businesses
  • Create a business model canvas and business plan
  • Analyse market opportunities
  • Develop a business model and competitive strategy
  • Obtain a business license in Luxembourg
  • Raise money from venture investors
  • Make a professional investor presentation
  • Recognize the business entities in Luxembourg
  • Fulfill tax obligations
  • Establish your successful business network in Luxembourg

The workshops are held over six full Saturdays in the fall in Luxembourg City, starting on the last Saturday of September.

The Grand Finale takes place at Arendt House, Kirchberg on the first Monday evening after the workshops end. Upon successful completion of the program the participants receive their diplomas and the winners of the Best Business Idea Presentation are announced by sponsors.

The total participant cost of joining the project is 150 € for LPCC members and 195 € for non-members. All participants are offered a free private membership at the LPCC for a full year.

Each year the LPCC team reviews, modifies and enriches the EWP programme based on the feedback. For example, in 2019 on top of regular workshops each participant was offered 3 hours of free personal coaching sessions.

Final Presentation – Best Business Idea Presentation

On the last day of training with the skills acquired during the workshops, the participants present their business ideas in a form of a short presentation. The presentations are judged on the uniqueness of the idea among others, knowledge of the targeted market and the effectiveness of the pitch.

Participants stand a chance to win generous prizes from the sponsors.


By the end of the workshops, you will have gained:

  • A network of businesswomen to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey
  • The knowledge skills to navigate the business environment in Luxembourg
  • The confidence to pursue your objectives

Applications for the 2020 edition of Entrepreneurial Woman Project are open until 31 August 2020. To stay informed about the admission process and all other LPCC news, subscribe to our newsletter. For any other inquiry, contact our Team via email at info@lpcc.lu.

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