Entrepreneurial Woman Project (EWP)

EWP is a series of weekend workshops for women with no prior business knowledge to learn how to set up their own company in Luxembourg.

By the end of the workshops, women are encouraged to present their business ideas and join a competition to win prizes offered by the program Sponsors.

3-7 new businesses are launched in Luxembourg each year as a direct or indirect result of the project.


Learn More About Previous EWP Edition

We are thrilled to present the 10th edition of the Entrepreneurial Woman Project that took place last year in 2023. This transformative initiative was designed to empower professionals across various domains. Through a series of dynamic training sessions, participants gained invaluable insights from industry experts, honing their skills and fostering personal and professional growth.

Join us in embracing this unparalleled opportunity to enhance your professional journey, broaden your horizons, and connect with a diverse community of learners and experts.

Participation cost: 295€

Elevating Professional Excellence through Diverse Training

  1. Business Entities | Adina Mihalache
  2. Idea Generation | Esther Celosse
  3. Personal Branding | Emilia Zakrzewska & Dagmara Tarka
  4. VAT & Taxes | Petya Dimitrova & Justine Guilluy
  5. Intellectual Property | Marie-Christine Simon
  6. Business Model Canvas | Adis Sabanovic
  7. Marketing & Sales | David Holland
  8. Public Speaking | Lisa Burke
  9. Employment & Commercial Practice | Pauline Wirtzler
  10. Social Enterprises & Funding Opportunities | Pelagia Baxevani
  11. Business Plan | Loic Guelfi
  12. Project Management | Martina Sirol
  13. Dress for Success | Neha Bhandari
  14. Networking | Artur Sosna


Navigating the Program

10th Edition Coverage

The Entrepreneurial Woman Project is more than just a program; it’s a transformative journey for women with entrepreneurial aspirations. It’s about empowering and equipping women with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed in the world of business.

As the project unfolds, we want to ensure you’re part of this incredible journey with us. We encourage you to stay engaged with us through our LinkedIn page. We’ll be sharing updates and insights throughout the program.

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History and Mission of the Entrepreneurial Woman Project

Established in 2014 by the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce, with the backing of the Ministry of Economy, the Polish Embassy in Luxembourg, and the Luxembourgish Embassy in Poland, the Entrepreneurial Woman Project is a dynamic initiative. The event is organised with the financial support of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Tailored for English-speaking women of all nationalities, this transformative workshop series aims to equip participants with the insights, skills, and networks needed to navigate the challenges and rewards of launching and thriving in their own ventures in Luxembourg.

With over 100 determined and visionary applicants annually, this project selects up to 30 participants for each edition, ensuring an optimal learning environment. Facilitated by the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with esteemed business development and legal experts, the project stands as the only English-speaking initiative of its kind in Luxembourg.

Anchored in comprehensive training sessions, expert presentations, real-world case studies, and hands-on activities, participants engage in around 40 hours of workshops led by approximately 15 seasoned trainers from diverse business and law sectors.

The workshops are held over six full Saturdays in the fall in Luxembourg City, starting on the last Saturday of September. Underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement, the Entrepreneurial Woman Project evolves annually based on participant feedback. Inclusivity is paramount, as seen in the offering of three hours of personalized coaching sessions to each participant in 2019.

Benefits: Celebrating Progress and Empowering Growth

With a participant cost of 250 € for LPCC members and 295 € for non-members, the project offers lasting value by extending complimentary private membership at the LPCC for a full year to all participants. This initiative echoes the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce’s dedication to fostering enduring relationships, supporting budding entrepreneurs, and amplifying business opportunities within the dynamic landscape of Luxembourg.

Demonstrating the application of skills honed throughout the workshops, participants present their business ideas on the program’s closing day. The presentations are judged on the uniqueness of the idea among others, knowledge of the targeted market and the effectiveness of the pitch. The potential to secure generous prizes from dedicated sponsors adds an exciting incentive to these presentations.

Final Gala: Awards Ceremony

The Entrepreneurial Woman Project culminates in a grand finale held at Banque de Luxembourg on the first Monday evening following the completion of workshops.

Upon successfully completing the program, participants are awarded their well-deserved diplomas. The spotlight shines even brighter as sponsors reveal the winners of the Best Business Idea Presentation, recognizing exceptional innovation and ingenuity. These outstanding participants not only receive recognition but also kickstart their entrepreneurial journey with cash prizes generously provided by the project sponsors.

At the heart of the Entrepreneurial Woman Project lies an array of benefits that participants take away:

  • A Supportive Business Network: Forge meaningful connections with fellow businesswomen, establishing a robust support system that spans beyond the duration of the program.
  • Navigational Skills for Luxembourg’s Business Landscape: Acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills that empower you to navigate the complexities of the Luxembourg business environment with confidence.
  • Empowered Pursuit of Objectives: Elevate your self-assurance and readiness to pursue your entrepreneurial goals, armed with newfound expertise and networks.

As you journey through the workshops, presentations, and awards, the Entrepreneurial Woman Project offers not only knowledge but also the platform and community you need to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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