MGW Corporate Consulting Group

MGW Corporate Consulting Group Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] is an Independent External Valuator established in 2009, a specialist asset valuation company providing a market-leading valuation service. We are an effective and reliable partner for Investment Fund Companies and Depositaries in the valuation of assets, also experienced in providing Fund Asset Valuation services in Luxembourg. Our […]



A global team  Linklaters is a leading global law firm with some 3,000 lawyers based in 30 offices and operating in 20 countries. This international network of knowledge offers extensive expertise, spanning jurisdictions and continents. It offers instant access to professional advice and first-class support around the world. We focus on our clients’ dynamic needs […]


Luther S.A.

Located in the European Union’s leading financial centre, Luther Luxembourg offers comprehensive legal advice to multinational companies, investment funds, private equity funds, financial institutions, and individuals. To better serve its clients, Luther Luxembourg uses the law firm’s extensive network of international offices. In addition, Luther has formed a network with the law firms Fidal (France) and Pirola Pennuto & Associati (Italy). […]



KOTAR leading manufacturer of thermal insulation systems Kotar is one of the main manufacturers of thermal insulation materials used in under floor heating installation. Over three decades of experience has translated into a very well established position of Kotar on both Polish and European market.  The brand products support modern construction industry and help to […]


Goeres Group

Located in the heart of Luxembourg, the Goeres Group welcomes you in its 4 hotels of different categories: – Economy: Hotel Parc Belle-vue*** Belle-Vue – English – Goeres Hotels – Business (superior): Hotel Parc Plaza*** Parc Plaza – English – Goeres Hotels – Executive: Hotel Parc Belair****Parc Belair – English – Goeres Hotels – Exclusive: […]


Synergy Codes

Synergy Codes delivers custom-designed and convenient low-code apps for interactive data&process visualization dedicated to various business industries such as financial, energy, gas&oil, automotive, IT, and more. Located in Poland, we serve clients globally regardless of the time zone. Synergy Codes started its journey in 2011. Since then, we have helped over 100 clients, including Fortune500 […]


Altum Group

We are a leading international provider of fund, corporate and family office solutions. Established in 2000, Altum Group is independent and owner-managed with more than $32bn AUM, and 140 dedicated people across four jurisdictions. We bring together exceptionally talented professionals, proven processes, and leading technology solutions to ensure the highest value service offering in every […]



United International Management S.A. (United) is an independent provider of finance and trust services with a truly personal approach. All of us, including our management, do business directly with and for our clients. We unite disciplines, connect networks and cross borders to bring the services our clients need and deserve. United’s office in Luxembourg has […]


Moventum S.C.A.

Moventum helps financial services providers, such as financial advisors, asset managers, banks, insurance companies and pension funds, to work more efficiently and effectively. A stable and robust investment platform for securities trading, custody and settlement account management and professional, actively managed fund- and ETF-based asset management complement the work of financial services providers. We offer […]



InPost is a logistic operator of a network of parcel machines that enable independent sending and collection of parcels 24 hours a day, in a location chosen by the customer. The devices are located in the vicinity of housing estates and shops and are open 24/7. The core business, the delivery of parcels to automated […]

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