ESKOM IT Sp. z o.o.

For more than twenty years ESKOM provides IT services and IT infrastructure for many customers in Poland and other European countries. We have extensive experience of cooperation with the corporate customer and medium-sized sector. ESKOM provides services in the field of IT infrastructure management, cybersecurity, conducts IT audits, and implements business continuity plans.  We adjust […]


Pedersen & Partners

Pedersen & Partners is a leading global Executive Search & Leadership Consulting firm. Operating 54 offices in 50 countries, the firm was founded by Poul Pedersen in 2001 with the establishment of the first offices in Prague and Warsaw. Our offices around the world are 100% owned by the partners who work full-time to serve our […]


Vie Key Consulting

In the bustling world of alternative asset management and fund administration, Vie Key Consulting, established by Slava Volotovsky in 2007, stands as a beacon of expertise in administration and compliance. This boutique firm, with its sharp focus on a niche market, has confidently obtained authorizations for accounting, business administration services, and property management, carving out […]


MGW Corporate Consulting Group

MGW Corporate Consulting Group Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] is an Independent External Valuator established in 2009, a specialist asset valuation company providing a market-leading valuation service. We are an effective and reliable partner for Investment Fund Companies and Depositaries in the valuation of assets, also experienced in providing Fund Asset Valuation services in Luxembourg. Our […]


Voltmax Sarl

We present Voltmax Salr, a company holding a Luxembourg license for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Our comprehensive range of services includes designing, installing, and servicing photovoltaic and energy storage systems aimed at reducing electricity costs and limiting carbon dioxide emissions. We also offer consultancy services, assistance with obtaining grants, and handling installation registrations. With […]



A global team  Linklaters is a leading global law firm with some 3,000 lawyers based in 30 offices and operating in 20 countries. This international network of knowledge offers extensive expertise, spanning jurisdictions and continents. It offers instant access to professional advice and first-class support around the world. We focus on our clients’ dynamic needs […]


FreeLens TV

FreeLens is a Luxembourgish audiovisual production company specializing in Live and Storytelling. Created in 1998, the company originated from the television world. Over the years, we have applied the experience gained from working with television networks around the world to serve institutions and businesses with their audiovisual communication needs. Our company has witnessed major events […]


Kulczyk Investments

We are a private investment house with offices in Luxembourg, London, and Warsaw. We have been providing European companies with support for global growth for more than thirty years. We make long-term investments using our own capital, know-how, and international partnerships.  We identify firms and assets that have global potential, and help to enhance their […]


MM Prime TFI

MM Prime TFI is a fully independent entity operating on the Asset Management market, licensed and subject to the supervision of the Polish Financial Authority. It is a family-business  associated in many organizations of this type – including FBN, IFR and Corporate Connections. It has been operating for over 11 years, offering its individual and […]


Luther S.A.

Located in the European Union’s leading financial centre, Luther Luxembourg offers comprehensive legal advice to multinational companies, investment funds, private equity funds, financial institutions, and individuals. To better serve its clients, Luther Luxembourg uses the law firm’s extensive network of international offices. In addition, Luther has formed a network with the law firms Fidal (France) and Pirola Pennuto & Associati (Italy). […]

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