INDUNA is a privately owned and totally independent family-minded company founded in Luxembourg in the late 90’s. Duly authorized as Specialized Professional of the Financial Sector by the CSSF, we provide with highly specialized Corporate and Fund services along with the tailor-made solutions through privileged relationships with our Clients. Specialized in Alternative Investment Funds, we […]


Goeres Group

Located in the heart of Luxembourg, the Goeres Group welcomes you in its 4 hotels of different categories: – Economy: Hotel Parc Belle-vue*** Belle-Vue – English – Goeres Hotels – Business (superior): Hotel Parc Plaza*** Parc Plaza – English – Goeres Hotels – Executive: Hotel Parc Belair****Parc Belair – English – Goeres Hotels – Exclusive: […]


Startup Poland

Startup Poland is the leading technology think-tank in Central Europe. We represent Polish startups in dialogue with the Polish government and parliament, The European Commission and local governments. We connect startups with clients and investors. The energy industry needs innovation, flexible solutions, and the courage to change. This could be the definition of “startups.” That […]


Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) supports both the foreign expansion of Polish business and the inflow of FDI into Poland. We also aim to boost Polish exports. Supporting entrepreneurs, the Agency assists in overcoming administrative and legal procedures,  related to specific projects as well as helps to develop legal solutions, find a suitable […]


Synergy Codes

Synergy Codes delivers custom-designed and convenient low-code apps for interactive data&process visualization dedicated to various business industries such as financial, energy, gas&oil, automotive, IT, and more. Located in Poland, we serve clients globally regardless of the time zone. Synergy Codes started its journey in 2011. Since then, we have helped over 100 clients, including Fortune500 […]



ValueLogic empowers global brands and startups with digital transformation, software development, and project management. The company was born out of a simple idea: a better understanding of business and technology. We started out intending to bring value and efficiency while remaining customer-friendly and accessible. • The European Software Hubs of Berlin and Wroclaw: where business […]


LGL Group

LGL Group is an experienced provider of alternative asset and corporate administration, financial reporting, funds and family office solutions. Our highly-experienced team works closely with clients, drawing on extensive skills and knowledge as we adapt to your evolving needs.


MNK Partners

MNK Partners is a Portfolio management company regulated by the French Financial Authority (AMF) as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), dedicated to private, professional, and institutional investors.  Based in Paris, Luxembourg, and Warsaw, we structure and manage real estate solutions with high-value potential for our investors across Europe. We aim at building up real […]



United International Management S.A. (United) is an independent provider of finance and trust services with a truly personal approach. All of us, including our management, do business directly with and for our clients. We unite disciplines, connect networks and cross borders to bring the services our clients need and deserve. United’s office in Luxembourg has […]

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