Polish Speaking Lawyers 2023

On January 19, 2023, we brought together Polish speaking community of lawyers working in the Grand Duchy, representing various lawyers and legal practices. It was yet another event from “Polish speaking…” series organised by LPCC, this time in partnership with our corporate member, Alter Domus.

Artur Sosna, President of LPCC opened the evening with his welcome speech followed by the ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, His Excellency Piotr Wojtczak. They both highlighted the importance of bringing together Polish professionals working in the Grand Duchy and praised the efforts that the LPCC makes to meet this objective.

After the welcome word, the participants had the opportunity to get to know more about the sponsor.

Lukasz Malecki, Associated Client Direct, Securitization opened the presentation and spoke about his view of the motivations of Polish businesses to enter the Luxembourg market. The main benefit being an access to financing from world leading asset managers, favorable and robust funds and securitization legal environment, knowledgeable and qualified service provider base. Lukasz stated that Alter Domus has been a proud corporate member of LPCC since 2015 and that its client base include 4 out of 5 biggest General Partners in Poland, several other well-known names and FinTech Companies.

His colleague, Enkela Kosturi, Director, Sales and Relationship Manager, reflected on the tremendous growth and success of Alter Domus in the past 20 years of its existence. Alter Domus was founded in 2003 as a spinoff of PwC accounting practice and it is a Luxembourg based and management owned company that expanded cross border over the years. Few of key performance indicators of Alter Domus Group that Enkela mentioned were the assets under administration of USD 1.8 trillion, 4,100 employees worldwide with over 1,000 located in Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg and the remaining spread over 37 offices in 21 countries including 1,300 in USA . Enkela argued that the accelerated growth and 98% client retention rate is achieved thanks to the unique approach to client servicing and the operating model that the Company has implemented. Enkela referred the audience to the ranking of Preqin in which Alter Domus places as number one alternative funds administrator in Luxembourg. Enkela spoke as well with enthusiasm about her long experience working with Poland based teams and clients and her visits to Warsaw and Krakow. She expressed a big admiration for Polish people, their work attitude and ethics and her personal conviction that Polish market and Polish investment firms will continue to expand and play significant role in the Europe’s financial sector.

Joanna Chuda, Associate Client Director, Private Equity, highlighted the fact that Alter Domus currently employs approximately 30 Polish speaking professionals, working in various areas, essentially covering all business lines with seniority from an officer level to country executive. Joanna shared her extensive experience in interactions with Polish General Partners and the way she builds strong and long lasting bonds based on trust and mutual understanding. She acts as a liaison who understands both countries’ realities and characteristics making a transition for the Polish businesses seamless.

The presentation was followed by a networking dinner and discussions among the participants who numerously attended the event.

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