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september, 2020

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Event Details

Owing to the further development of COVID-19 and keeping in mind the safety of its participants first, ICT Spring goes Phygital this year and launches its digital week from 14th to 18th September 2020.

In line with the organiser of the event, the International Business Meetings by b2fair organised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce will also switch to a virtual event and will be organised on 24th & 25th November 2020.

The reason for separating the events is to ensure that companies focus on the new virtual experience offered by ICT Spring and to provide them with an additional networking experience later in the year. The event will encompass a rich programme that will encompass online conferences, workshops and business meetings.

ICT Spring this year will encompass a 5-DAY PROGRAMME and will allow companies to CONNECT with experts, DISCOVER latest innovations, GENERATE new leads and GET INSPIRED by outstanding speakers.

The organisers have taken up the challenge to design an online experience offering a unique opportunity for visitors, exhibitors and sponsors to boost their business in these uncertain times.  In addition to its rich programme, the event will also host a virtual expo that will allow participants to WALK DOWN the aisles of the online edition and enjoy interactions with exhibitors and visitors. Finally, the event will also have a RANDOM NETWORKING MEET with the professionals of different themes of the event namely, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Space, Digital Supply Chain, AI & Space.

Thanks to our good collaboration with the organisers of ICT Spring, the participation for foreign visiting companies in the digital edition of the event, including access to conferences and networking, is free of charge. Companies who register for the International Business Meetings Event on 24th & 25th November will receive this free of charge ticket code. Please find hereafter the link to register:


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september 14 (Monday) - 18 (Friday)



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