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“You’re not born an entrepreneur, you become an entrepreneur by doing. I see women here who are clever and willing to put in the work. All the ingredients are there.”
– Jean-Luc Karleskind (Trainer)

Following previous successful editions of the Luxembourg-Poland Business Club’s Entrepreneurial Women Project the 4th edition started on  September 30. Building up on the model from previous editions the cycles of  eight hours workshops  were spread over six following Saturdays and ended on November 11.


The Luxembourg-Poland Business Club’s Entrepreneurial Women’s Project 2017,  was another success: 29 women in Luxembourg have just completed a 6 day intensive series of workshops held over the last 2 months structured to give them all the necessary information and tools to start a business.

This initiative has been carefully crafted by the Luxembourg-Poland Business Club to support women in developing their business ideas and to maximize their learning experience in a comfortable and open environment.

This initiative is in it’s 4th year and the workshops were held at The Office, an inspiring and creative co-working space located in Luxembourg city.

The program leveraged a network of external speakers who provided information and support with enthusiasm and drive.

The training covered the various aspects of starting a business, such as Business Entities, Business Plan generation, Marketing, VAT and Taxes, to other aspects such as Project Management, building a team, how to work with your investors and clients and included more personal coaching in order to be confident and to succeed.
Unique personal stories that’s driving the vision of the future

The participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds with 19 different nationalities represented. Some have been living in Luxembourg for over a decade, others newcomers, each of them looking to learn the techniques and support to start their own businesses, generate ideas and to realize their dream. This year saw a wide variety of ideas ranging from importing garments and accessories, made to measure clothes, marketing and PA services, pet care, healthy food delivery, to youth clubs and some great mobile applications, to name but a few.

The participants brought a wealth of innovative ideas and a great energy to the weekly sessions.

“As we got to know each other and present our business ideas we gained confidence and support in an interesting, engaging and fun environment”, said Natalie Browne who was awarded second prize for her healthy food delivery business idea.

“I liked the format with training on areas like Business Entities, Business Model Canvas and Marketing which really helped frame my business venture” said Séréna, who has developed a fridge app, “the benefit of this helped me present my idea and I was really pleased to be awarded third prize during the awards ceremony.”
The motivation and enthusiasm within the group was very inspiring and empowering” said Natalie. “What I also found very interesting is that over the past years of the project there have been women joining the project with one specific business idea in mind and then finishing to focus on another entirely different business idea”.

The gala final, held at the impressive Arendt House in Kirchberg by the Luxembourg-Poland Business Club general assembly, saw Tina Radford present the winning entry, ‘Gweek’ a mobile application designed to improve communication and presentation skills, based on machine learning to analyse and quantify how effectively people communicate.

“I am passionate about this product” said Radford, “it is already in use with major global brands and I am excited to bring this to Luxembourg where we can empower women to communicate effectively and give them a personal coach on their smartphone who is always available for any situation”.
Gweek matches the power of sophisticated voice analytics with instant feedback on your communication, presentation style and effectiveness. Thanks to the success of this program Tina is now developing and marketing “gweek” in Luxembourg.

“The support, help and guidance from the Luxembourg-Poland Business Club team has been exceptional” said Radford, “and this program is a great example of the help available in Luxembourg to drive new ideas and entrepreneurship.”

“We have had another exceptional year with great ideas and energy on show” said Artur Sosna, Luxembourg-Poland Business Club Chairman. “The quality of women entrepreneurs on this program exemplifies the drive and energy that is available here in Luxembourg and the feedback from our event attendees has been very positive”.

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September 30 (Saturday) - October 7 (Saturday)


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