2023 General Assembly and EWP Awards

november, 2023

20nov6:30 pm9:00 pm2023 General Assembly and EWP Awards


Event Details

We are excited to extend an official invitation to the 2023 General Assembly of the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce.

This extraordinary event is scheduled to take place on Monday, 20th November 2023, starting at 6:30 pm, at the prestigious Arendt House, located at 41, Avenue J-F Kennedy, L-2082, Luxembourg.

What sets this year’s General Assembly apart is its convergence with the Grand Finale & Award Ceremony of the Entrepreneurial Woman Project, celebrating its impressive 10th edition. We are truly honored to invite you to be part of this exceptional occasion.


Agenda Highlights:

  1. Introduction and LPCC Highlights: We’ll begin the evening by showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of our Chamber.
  2. Report on Events | 2023: Get an overview of the significant events that have shaped our year.
  3. Planned Events and Projects | 2024: Gain insights into our exciting upcoming initiatives for the year ahead.
  4. LPCC Financial Situation 2023 and Budget 2024: An important aspect of our transparency, we’ll discuss our financial standing and future plans.
  5. Amendments and Voting: A pivotal moment where you, as a member, will have the opportunity to influence the LPCC’s future by voting on amendments to our statutes.
  6. Finals – EWP: Join us in recognizing the exceptional women entrepreneurs who have thrived through the Entrepreneurial Woman Project.

The LPCC board has undertaken a significant task of revising our organization’s statutes. Your participation is crucial, as we can only adopt these amendments with the presence of at least two-thirds of our members and a two-thirds majority in favor. This is a substantial step forward to shaping the LPCC’s future, and we encourage you to review the attached statutes before and after the proposed changes.

Our General Assembly is more than just a meeting; it’s an opportunity to bring together our esteemed members and friends to reflect on our collective achievements, set our vision for the future, and celebrate the collaborative spirit that fuels our organization.

As an attendee, you’ll witness the inspiring moment when the dedicated individuals who participated in the Entrepreneurial Woman Project receive their well-deserved diplomas. In addition, we will announce the winners of the Best Business Idea Presentation competition, highlighting the entrepreneurial excellence that this project fosters.

Following the Award Ceremony, we invite you to join us for official celebrations, including a banquet and live music. This promises to be an evening filled with inspiration and unparalleled networking opportunities.


Meet the Gala’s Keynote Speaker
Entrepreneurial Woman Project Award Ceremony

Upon successful completion of the program the participants will receive their diplomas and the project sponsors will announce the winners of the competition for the Best Business Idea Presentation. 

During the gala we will hear from our special guest, the inspiring business persona from Luxembourg, Sofie Verstraeten, the owner of Fitness Dionysos. The Award Ceremony will be followed by official celebrations including a banquet & live music.


About the Keynote Speaker:

The problem of fitness is that people often overlook their well-being, and the fitness industry doesn’t prioritize the right objectives. The mainstream marketing tends to focus on fat loss and muscle gain but seldom emphasizes the importance of achieving a strong and resilient body and mind for a fulfilling life. Sofie held the belief that fitness could be elevated with higher order goals, aiming to make a genuine difference in people’s lives – that’s how she started her fitness coaching company, Fitness Dionysos, in 2018.

Fitness Dionysos always followed a unique approach, focusing on individuals’ holistic growth, not just their physical well-being. At first, this approach faced challenges because people often hesitate when they encounter something new. However, the 2020 pandemic highlighted the fragility of people and the limitations of traditional fitness services.


While Fitness Dionysos retained its customer base, Sofie recognized that the conventional fitness approach was falling short in making a significant impact. Therefore, in 2021, she rebranded the business into Diosfit, introducing personalized coaching which facilitates people’s growth through exercise, education, and mentorship. This approach is geared to establishe a solid system where clients are actively engaged in the process, and they must meet and pass regular milestones to progress in their journey of a self-responsible life of freedom.

Sofie considers her business fortunate; it thrives on teamwork and maintaining a harmonious balance among all parties. She firmly believes that genuine success is a collaborative achievement and places great importance on maintaining a balance between masculine and feminine energies. She understands that business growth is inseparable from personal growth, underscoring the importance of surrounding yourself with the right individuals who can extend and support your efforts.

To meet Sofie and hear her inspiring story, be sure to sign up for the Entrepreneurial Woman Project Awards Ceremony.

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