Luxembourg-Poland Investment Toolbox

Linklaters and the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of hosting a unique conference dedicated to unraveling the dynamic duo of Luxembourg and Poland in the realm of investment. As a continuation of the insightful session organized in Luxembourg in October 2023, this time we were excited to exchange insights with our clients and friends at Linklaters’ offices in Warsaw. We were honored with the presence of H.E. Paul Schmit, the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to Poland, who highlighted the importance of economic and cultural relations between the two countries and stressed the positive impact of similar events.

The day started with a presentation by Chris Hollifield, Head of Business Development at Luxembourg for Finance – the Luxembourg Agency for the Development of the Financial Centre. Chris’ presentation served as a great introduction to the Luxembourg financial center as one of the major global financial hubs, providing invaluable insights into the commercial opportunities it has to offer.

Our Linklaters experts from Luxembourg and Warsaw then took the stage and delved into the Luxembourg-Poland investment synergies, exploring how the robust financial hub of Luxembourg serves as a gateway to the flourishing Polish market. We covered topics spanning the entire investment lifecycle, ranging from investment funds, corporate and tax structuring considerations, securitization, and project finance, to the implementation and development of real estate, energy, and infrastructure projects in Poland — areas where our Linklaters teams have advised in recent years. Finally, our Linklaters tax experts guided our guests through the recent challenges in international structuring, withholding tax, and substance considerations. We also discussed the latest trends in private wealth solutions and international transactions, as well as the legal, tax, and commercial developments and their impact on future investments in both jurisdictions. The event concluded with networking and discussions on exciting opportunities to ensure future collaboration between Luxembourg and Poland and how these countries can jointly benefit from the expanding Polish economy.

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